Wednesday, July 09, 2008

何維健 Derrick Hoh - 台北全紀錄 6/6 "無法歸類"

Some of you may have followed through Derrick’s "無法歸類" series on YouTube. The latest Part 6 is now up for viewing!!

If you like Sugie too, you HAVE to watch it!!

PS: Derrick's trying to act "Taiwanese", with all the usage of traditional characters! Lol! But he's still a darling... :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

謝謝你, 就是你 by ZPGY

My group of friends and I (we call ourselves ZPGY aka 猪朋狗友) recently composed/ produced a song 謝謝你, 就是你, inspired by the recent Sichuan earthquake. We hope to spread it to China and even share with the rest of the world.

The ZPGYs comprise of local singers, musicians, and others. Some familiar faces you might spot include Tay Kewei, Chanel Pang, Ruth Chua, Dawn Wong, EinEin, etc. We all came together as one and piece this whole project with our efforts.

The song mixing and video filming/ editing may not be as professional, but it contains our blood and perspiration.

We’re in the midst of negotiating to have our song included in a compilation album.

Till then, I hope to share this self-filmed MV with you and pls do continue to spread our love to your friends and let it chain on!

Don't forget to rate/ leave comments after you view it!! :)))

If you can't see the video, pls click on this link:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Writer's Block

I'm not a writer (well, at least not professionally). But I sure have been suffering from Writer's Block, truly.

O K . . . K I T T Y . . . C U T T H E C R A P ! ! ! ! !



It's been 8.5mths since I joined my current company. And that's how long Keishi's been in London.

Keishi, hurry come back!!!


I travelled twice in the last 1.5mths.

Hong Kong --- April 24th - 28th
Travelled with family. To visit relatives. If you do not already know, yes, I have grand-uncle, uncles, aunties, cousins, etc. in HK.

The story went something like this...

Many donkey mule years ago, my grandma + siblings left China (our hometown was Fuzhou) in search of greener pastures. My grandma decided to settle in Singapore, whereas the others opted for HK.

Yes, that's how I ended up landing in Singapore. I could have carried a Hong Kong passport, lived in a country with 4 seasons (although no snow), and worn pretty winter clothes. My circle of friends could have had more cute guys!

There could have been many more "could have's"... but... oh well... that's life for ya....

Bangkok --- May 8th - 11th
Travelled with friends. 10 of them to be exact. Lemme share with you our manifest.

Initial group to travel consisted of 4 poly friends -----
Jordan + Arthur + Kendrik + Me

Then 2 more joined in -----
Jordan + Jordan's GF + Arthur + Arthur's Colleague + Kendrik + Me

Another 3 decided to tag along -----
Jordan + Jordan's GF + Arthur + Arthur's Colleague + Kendrik + Me + My Best Pal + My Best Pal's Hubby + My Best Pal's Hubby's Younger Brother

Before we could say "HUH?!", Traveller #10 booked his ticket -----
Jordan + Jordan's GF + Arthur + Arthur's Colleague + Kendrik + Me + My Best Pal + My Best Pal's Hubby + My Best Pal's Hubby's Younger Brother + Our Poly Pakistani Friend

Verdict --- Always keep to maximum 5 in a single travel group to avoid over-exhausting yourself.


ZPGY has been Sugie-less since March '08, eversince he received the Golden Ticket to Taipei to compete in 星光大道3. Who would expect that the first to be eliminated from 绝对Superstar 1 would make it this far in an even bigger scale singing contest!!


I have expected this day to come. From the first time I saw Sugie perform on TV in 2005, I knew there was something special him, but, sadly, his hidden appeal wasn't appreciated/ discovered by many then.

Sugie, you've made ZPGY proud, for making it into Top 9 in 星光3. You may be taking a break now. But you'll shine in the upcoming revival round. We root for you.

We miss Sugie.


Wejian's gone to Taipei too, for a month. Finally recording for his debut album has completed. Warner's arranged for him to take dance lessons from a very reputable Taiwanese celebrity dance instructor. Another SUPER reputable MV director will be taking care of his MVs! Whooosh!!!

Jian's becoming a real celebrity singer! Whooosh!!!

We love Jian. He's suchhhhhhhhhh an adorable boy. So genuine and real. He's a gem.


Chanel was deeply saddened by Sichuan Earthquake, which in turn, inspired her to write a song "谢谢你,就是你". Because ZPGY is made up of so many multi-talented talents, the song was very quickly passed on to Ein, Mark & Jinsei for arrangement.

Kewei hooked us with Stereo Image (Thanks Michael!) and before we knew it, over 20 ZPGY friends were walking into recording studio and singing Chanel's song!

I just listened to the first mix. Though still raw, it's incredible!!!

The voices you'll hear:
  1. Chanel Pang 冯靖莹 (绝对Superstar 1)
  2. Ruth Chua 蔡诗妮 (绝对Superstar 1)
  3. Dawn Wong 黄川美 (绝对Superstar 2)
  4. Tay Kewei 可为 (Need no further introduction)
  5. Lee Ein Ein 李盈盈 (SuperBand 1 "Amber" -- 著名音乐创作人 -- 作品包括 潘嘉丽 "印象派的爱情")
  6. Lin Juan 林娟 (著名音乐创作人 -- 作品包括 周惠 "Hold Me Tight")
  7. Xie Buwei 谢布玮 (著名音乐创作人 -- 作品包括 楊宗緯 "幸福的风")
  8. Mark Shi 施于淳 (SuperBand 2 "三月" -- 著名音乐创作人 -- 作品包括陳曉東-灰飛煙滅)
  9. Kitty ALA ME!
  10. Alfred Sim
  11. Wilman Lau
  12. Laxe Yong
  13. Juliana Poh
  14. Josh Bryan Ho
  15. Siow Bih
  16. Ah Gong
  17. YC
  18. Mad Chen
  19. Steph Lee
  20. Edmund Cheh
  21. Donny Cheh
  22. Augusniko Loh
  23. Biqin

We'll be producing CDs for sale to our friends/ colleagues/ families/ relatives/ classmates/ fans/ ex-girlfriends/ ex-boyfriends/ what-nots. Proceeds raised will be in aid of the unfortunate. If you belong to any category above, good luck to you. We'll be knocking on your doors soon.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Lonely Thursday Night...

It's 11.21pm on a Thursday night and I'm still in the office. I'm not kidding when I say for the past 2 weeks, I have absolutely NO TIME to blog. All thanks to the upcoming X'MAS FAIR that's due to happen next weekend, Nov 24 & 25 @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. It's our bi-annual mega event of the year.

To all tech-ky consumers, this is not to be missed. Check out the bargain deals and latest gadgets!

More details to come...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cheap Des


I hereby announce that Xin and I are severing all ties with you!!! Do you realise you're one serious case of "heavy colour light friend" (read: 重色轻友) friend?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Everytime you enter a relationship, she is ALL you can see. The world just revolves around you and her. The word "friend" suddenly disappears from your dictionary.

You promised to meet up last Saturday before flying back to Melbourne. Xin was so excited on her debut trip to JB, after hearing us talk about the cheap and good food & shopping there.

But WHERE WERE YOU??????????????????????????????????????????????????
(Only God knows.)

You were uncontactable, AGAIN. Very disappointed.

Don't get us wrong. Olivia's a lovely girl. We love her. You two seem so in love. We're very happy for you both.

But pls pls pls pls pls...... learn to juggle both girlfriend and friends equally.

Otherwise, it won't be long before you realise you have not many numbers left in your phone book.

We want the old Des back!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
At a winery in Melbourne, April '07

To all my other friends, pls DON'T EVER (I repeat... NEVER EVER...!!!) do this to me. It's unbearable. I've lost a couple of friends to relationships. One of whom is my bestest friend since poly.

Ever since she got attached (which was over 2 years ago), I've not seen her more than 5 times. This pales largely in comparison to our meetup frequency of once a week in the past.

Sigh...... Maybe it's time to make new friends......

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ACER Sucks

I vow this is the first and LAST time I'm buying anything from Acer.

Slightly after a year after I bought my current Acer laptop, I noticed the appearance of a line that ran from top of the LCD screen to the bottom. I thought nothing about it.

A few days later, another line appeared. Still, I did nothing.

A week later, I had 10 vertical lines of assorted colours on my laptop screen. Hmmm... colourful.

I logged on to Acer website to find out the location of the service centre, and "on the way" checked my warranty expiry date. To my dismay, my warranty was only ONE year!!!! And I just passed the one year mark!!!

I mean, I paid full price for this laptop, it wasn't on any promotion! Shouldn't I deserve at least 2 years of warranty????????????????????

Now, I have to spend $550 to repair the hardware defect!! What rubbish?!

I'm even more upset at the unreliability of Acer products. Afterall, the laptop's only over a year old! What shit is this?!

I refused to pay, and decided to live with it. Another 6 months down the road, this is how my screen looks now......

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... K N N ~~~~~

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Power Puffies

September 19, 2007 --- My first day in the Big Red Corporation, which, once upon a time, was a Monopoly.

November 01, 2007 --- My 45th day in the Big Red Corporation (also translating into 1.5 months of stay), whose current biggest competitor is the Big Green Firm.

Ok fine, so 75% of the Events Marketing Team is new. It doesn't mean we can be trampled over by other departments who think "they know everything simply because they've been around longer".

It doesn't mean we have to bear the consequences from mishaps that occurred during the transition period.

Because 75% of the team is new, all the more is a good opportunity for us to relook into the old system and make adjustments to make our operations more efficient and budget-sensitive, at the same time, keeping the effective modus operandi passed on by the predecessors.

The Events Marketing Team is now made up of 4 Power Puffies (short for Power Puff Girls). We came from different backgrounds. Before September 19, all of us didn't know the existence of one another. Today, we have built a good rapport. Our working styles, though different, surprisingly are able to complement.

We will fight all enemies who try to invade our castle.