Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Movie: The Myth 神話

The Movie...
The Myth 神話

Directed By...
Stanley Tong 唐季禮

Jackie Chan 成龍 (HK)
Kim Hee Sun 金喜善 (Korea)
Tony Leung Ka Fai 梁家輝 (HK)
Mallika Sherawat (India)

Look Out For...
** Jackie's transition between present and ancient times.
** Jackie's super cool luxury boat-house (with mini golf course!).
** Korean top beauty Kim Hee Sun's porcelain/snow-like skin.
** Cheesy-looking branding of "EMPEROR" (producer of this movie) in the ending scene as the camera slowly zooms out
** Indian sexy bomb Mallika Sherawat's MELON-SIZED BOOBS!

$ Worth Spending $...
S$9.50 for movie ticket

In Singapore Cinemas...
23 September 2005

My Thoughts After Watching...
An interesting combination, I find... to pair Jackie Chan with Kim Hee Sun. It's a case of yellowish-wrinkled-skin versus snowy-fair-almost-flawless-supple-looking-skin. A refreshing story, about a modern-day archaeologist who often dreams about himself as an ancient warrior in Qin dynasty, protecting a princess (whom he later falls in love with) betrothed to Emperor Qin. Transitions between modern and ancient times are smoothly and smartly done. First 2/3 of the movie keeps me wanting more, until towards the end, the part where a horde of people (good guys and baddies) starts flying around in the air. Somewhat cheesy, but acceptable. During one of the fighting scenes, a colleague commented that Jackie's movements seemed less swift now. Perhaps age is really catching up.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Movie: Brothers Grimm

The Movie...
Brothers Grimm

Directed By...
Terry Gilliam

Matt Damon
Heath Ledger
Lena Headey
Jonathan Pryce
Peter Stormare
Monica Bellucci

Look Out For...
** Little Red Riding Hood
** Gingerbread Man
** Rapunzel
** Hansel & Gretel
** Grandmother Toad (kissed by Matt Damon)
** Old lady selling a red apple
** The reawakening kiss from "Prince" to "Snow White"
** The ever-so-familiar line, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
*** Evil queen's deep cleavage!!!

$ Worth Spending $...
Not more than S$8.50 (meaning avoid weekend pricing)

In Singapore Cinemas...
End September / Early October 2005

My Thoughts After Watching...
Heath Ledger is such a cutie and hotie!!! *AHEM* Ok seriously... I carried high hopes prior to the movie screening, but left the theatre hall feeling somewhat unfulfilled. A big production it sure is - with Hollywood's A-list actors as leads, and a whole lot of computer graphics and special effects to make up the enchanted forest. However, at some points, I kinda got bored and almost fell asleep, especially the French-speaking-in-horrible-French-accented-English chunks. Without any aiding subtitles, I could hardly understand those conversations! But all's not lost. It's still a watchable movie because the story weaves in a number of familiar fairytales that you and I grew up with. My favourite is the Gingerbread Man part, although that scene doesn't make much sense... Haha...

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Answer... and The Maid 女傭

CORRECT~!!! The answer's "RAINTREE"~!!!

Haha... apologies for the awfully long wait... Has your neck turned long yet~? And your coming back to this page is very much appreciated~!

You must be wondering why on earth did I give such a dumb question with a dumb answer... Well, I've recently left my previous entertainment-related company FLY Entertainment to join yet another media-related company MediaCorp Raintree Pictures. Yes we produce and distribute movies.

To my fans out there (if I have any, that is.. haha~)... not to worry, I am still hosting on Y.E.S 933 on weekends.

Since my first day at Raintree Pictures 2 months ago, I've been busy. My first movie project was Seven Swords 七劍. Followed by The Maid 女傭.

I bet many of you are familiar with The Maid 女傭 from these publicity stunts:
  • Eerie sounding movie trailers that are seen so very often on Channel U and TV Mobile (apparently, it scared the hell outta kids, I heard)
  • Mannequin dressed in red Chinese traditional wedding costume (Plaza Singapura Level 7)
  • Life-sized sticker decals in the toilets (Plaza Singapura Level 7)
  • Wedding procession (bride in red Chinese traditional wedding costume and red veil + 2 male servants carrying big paper lanterns) along Orchard Road
  • Free screening of The Maid 女傭 for maids in Singapore, at Shaw Beach Road

To be honest, we've received complaints, especially about the toilet sticker decals. For all I know, you may be one of the people who had been cursing and swearing. But hey, at least we've been successful in one thing, that is to raise awareness of the movie amongst the general public! Any kind of publicity is good publicity.

But more importantly, the movie has become one of the most successful Raintree movies ever. Since its release on 18 August 2005, it's hit a high of S$2mil in Singapore box office and is the most watched movie for three weeks in a row! Not to mention, it's broken horror movie opening week records in Singapore box office, beating The Eye 2, Sixth Sense, Ju-On, Shutter, The Ring, etc.

The latest breaking news is that, international sales house Fortissimo has picked up world sales rights for The Maid 女傭, and will be released in American Film Market this November, afterwhich it will be shown on screens internationally~! Even Brad Pitt has expressed interest in remaking this movie. This is certainly a FIRST for a Singapore film~!

So, have you watched The Maid 女傭 yet~?