Monday, June 23, 2008

謝謝你, 就是你 by ZPGY

My group of friends and I (we call ourselves ZPGY aka 猪朋狗友) recently composed/ produced a song 謝謝你, 就是你, inspired by the recent Sichuan earthquake. We hope to spread it to China and even share with the rest of the world.

The ZPGYs comprise of local singers, musicians, and others. Some familiar faces you might spot include Tay Kewei, Chanel Pang, Ruth Chua, Dawn Wong, EinEin, etc. We all came together as one and piece this whole project with our efforts.

The song mixing and video filming/ editing may not be as professional, but it contains our blood and perspiration.

We’re in the midst of negotiating to have our song included in a compilation album.

Till then, I hope to share this self-filmed MV with you and pls do continue to spread our love to your friends and let it chain on!

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If you can't see the video, pls click on this link:


cc said...

Very nice song, and touched by the many pictures included in the mv. Heard this song over radio 933 this Sat morning, over a programme called 音乐斩?人 (Sorry, don't know what it meant, but sure sounds violent to me). My guess is that you were the DJ ?
proud that it is something from sgp to express our gratitude to those who helped out. Well done

K i t t y said...

hihi CC, yes i was the one on 933 on sat morning. hahaha... thanks for ur support!!! and for ur kind words...

it's just a little project my friends and i did and hope to share it with more pple... not big a deal to shout about... just hoping our sweat and efforts will get paid off... haha...

btw, the segment this morning is called "yin yue za ba lang"... za ba lang meaning "japalang"... a slang we often use to describe a mixture/ combination of anything/ everything.



cc aka mameemoo said...

hi kitty,
r u guys going to cut a cd for this song ? will def buy it :)

thanks for the explanation of za ba lang. when first heard it, thot it was a cantonese vulgar phrase, wahaha. guess it must be hokkien

K i t t y said...

hihi cc aka mameemoo (geez, i dunno what to call u exactly! haha!),

yes za ba lang is literal translation from hokkien slang. very smart! haha!!

can u believe it? we've hit >10k hits for our song!! woohoooo!! yeah in the midst of negotiating for it to be included in an upcoming compilation album. will release more details along the way!

pls pray hard for us!!

^^ kitty