Friday, December 30, 2005

最 IN 的粗話

聽說 ..... 現在最 IN 的粗話是 ..... NAR-NIA ﹗﹗﹗

哈哈哈 ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Undergoing Construction

Dear Patron

Please bear with us if you chance upon an unsightly sight.

We're undergoing some construction to serve you even better.

The Management

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Long Christmas Break

My friends are mad!!!

For the past 3 consecutive nights (Christmas Eve + Christmas Day + Boxing Day), I didn’t reach home till about 5am.

And here I am, in office already, with only 1.5hrs of sleep from last night. Bye bye long weekend!

I really need to use super high power anti-fatique facial masks with maximum revitalizing concentrated extracts for the next 1 month, to “repair” the 3-day destruction caused to my complexion. No joke!


On radio shift.

Stayed back in 933 studio to do some production work.

Went home to nap.

Our 猪朋狗友 gang planned to meet at Raffles Place Coffee Club for dinner. 10 of us. Couple of absentees included Princess Kelly (put us aeroplane) and Weixiong (had high fever of 39.4 deg). Must be from all the SuperHost stress and trainings.

I was on time, also the first to arrive.

An hour of waiting. The 2 last latecomers finally turned up. I nearly fainted from hunger. Just then, the waitress came up to our table.

“Sorry but our kitchen is closing now, would you like to place your LAST orders?”

HUH?? We haven’t even placed any FIRST orders yet!

“Ermm… I thought you close at 11pm?”

“Errr… no, we close at 10pm today.”

“………………… ”
(Again, thanks to the latecomers!)

Ok fine, we quickly placed our orders, and chop chop finished our dinner and was outta Coffee Club.

2 more friends turned up. Total number now is 12.

We found a quiet empty area inside a building (can’t remember the building name), settled down, and conducted our 废物大交换.

Now, 废物大交换 is a self-invented new form of exchange of presents, whereby we each bring something (that we don’t need/use but might be useful to others) from home and exchange with one another. Of course, there is bound to be some mischievous people who’ll really bring 废物, that is useless to anyone! Haha!

The christmas present I received from the exchange was a book light, imprinted with the word “LIBRARY” across. Doesn’t matter. It’s useful anyways! I can use it to read Female, Her World, etc.! Haha!

Another 2 more friends turned up. Total number now is 14.

It was a quick coffee session at Boat Quay TCC.

We proceeded to Boat Quay along riverside, bought a whole carton of snow foam spray cans and secretly planned in our minds, our targets (to spray on) later when midnight struck.

And the clock struck midnight! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! It was madness!! It was chaotic!! Everyone was spraying snow foam on everyone else! We were all covered in thick white foam! And the floor was so slippery that some fell. Empty spray cans were being kicked as we ran about.

I reckoned I was one of the easier targets due to my height. Anyone just needed to lift their arms slightly and they would be at my face level already. As such, I kena so much on my face and hair!!! SUCH A MESS!!! But so fun!!!

Lucky I wasn’t dressed in my favourite outfit nor carrying my branded bag. Haha!

After a wild 20mins or so, we used up all our cans and were exhausted from the running and chasing. Perhaps age is really catching up on us! Haha!

Photo taking session and washing up at McDonald’s.

It was MAFIA time! The full mechanics of MAFIA are too complicated to put into written words. In short, the roles involved consist of 1 or 2 Murderer/s (2 Murderers if more people play), 1 Spy & 1 Doctor. The rest will be Civilians. In short, the purpose of the game is to nap the Murderer/s.

Warning: This game is REALLY addictive! Have to see through people’s lies, watch out for nervous reactions/shifty eyes, etc……

Alrighty, going home time. Our eyes were turning red and watery. We were yawning non-stop.



I woke up. Shiok! When was the last time I had 11hrs worth of sleep?!

Met the 猪朋狗友’s at Heeren Sakae Sushi for dinner. Group was smaller today. 7 of us.

Ended up at Mr Bean. Time for MAFIA again!!

Gosh! We didn’t realize we’d played MAFIA for almost 6hrs straight! Told ya, the game IS addictive!

Reached home.



Woke up.

Fell asleep while watching TV in the living room watching TV.

Just as when I thought I could retire early tonight, in preparation for working day the next day, my mobile phone beeped. The sms read: “Dear all, shall we meet at 9pm, Plaza Sing TCC for more MAFIA?

I nearly fainted… again (but not from hunger lar). My MAFIA addiction was kicking up.

I thought, “What the heck! Just go lar! Tomorrow then worry about how to stay awake at work lar!

So off I went.

3 of us reached on time. We shopped around Plaza Sing, waiting for the latecomers.

2 more 猪朋狗友’s arrived. And so, 5 of us headed into TCC, ordered drinks and continued to wait for more people to come.

Waitress came to our table.

“Hi, any last orders?”


“Ermmm… what time do you close?”

“We close at 11pm.”


We ended up at Mr Bean… again. Oh, can I just say their service sucks… BIG TIME!!!

By this time, 5 more friends had turned up. Total 10 of us now.

It’s MAFIA time!!! As much as I’m hooked to this game, I quite sucked at it. I can’t lie/act well! They could see through me almost instantly everytime I kena Mafia. Sigh…

I didn’t quite realize it was already this late until I start yawning continuously. Looked at my watch and… O H M Y G O O D N E S S ! ! ! ! ! I had to be at work at 8.30am later!!!

I bade the gang farewell. They stayed on and chit-chatted. POWER!



Time to wake up. This single question kept popping into my head – “Should I call in sick today?” After much struggling, I decided against it and pulled myself outta bed… very reluctantly.

In office with sibei heavy eyelids.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

TV12 X'mas Idol 2005

We had an office function cum X'mas party yesterday evening.

The Mechanics...

All staff were split into 7 teams. Each team had to put up a performance revolving the theme "X'mas Idol". When I first learnt of the theme, I was like, "For goodness sake, this is so overdone! Can't they be more innovative?".

But it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening - the first time I've ever laughed so hard in office premises! The performances made me change my perceptions of many of my colleagues. Behind their ritual straight faces (on normal working days) lie a rather naughty side that I never knew of! This is what I call “闷骚”.

The Award/Prize Presentation...

It was time to give out the awards and prizes to some outstanding staff performers. I knew a particular colleague expected himself to clinch one of the awards. He had put in a lot of effort and sweat into his segment. However he didn't get it. He appeared to be real calm and smiley. But I guessed his heart, in fact, was bleeding.

In case you're wondering, nah, my team didn't get anything. We only started our rehearsal the night before! Strictly speaking, it wasn't even a rehearsal to begin with, more like a read through. What to do, the people in my department are all super busy folks. Always on the go to bring in money for the company. Otherwise, how did we achieve a 30% revenue growth in just one year? Haha!

The Tranformation...

Our reception desk was being transformed into an open bar! Poor receptionist... I don't know how she's gonna deal with all the stickiness (from alcohol residues) when she comes in this morning!

(PS: Will upload some pics once ready.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Disorientation At Lunch

After giving it ALOT of thought, I have made up my mind!!! I decided...... to have economical rice (aka 菜饭) for lunch today! *Tsk tsk*

Me (points at kangkong):
Ah, auntie, 我要这个。


Me (points at some fried meat chunks):



(this is probably the most commonly used phrase amongst all 菜饭 aunties/uncles)

Hmmm... curry chicken。

At this moment, the auntie threw me a disturbed look.

(note that she stressed on “还要”.)

I threw back an equally disturbed look and nodded my head.

Come on lah, what's wrong with having both pork and chicken? Cannot have 2 meat + 1 veg meh? Duh!

Just before the auntie closed the lid of my 菜饭 box, she added in a fried egg (I assumed it's FOC). Duh! Like the extra egg's gonna make the meal healthier loh! The best part was, she charged me a bloody $4.50 for my 2-meat-1-veg meal! Economical rice?! *PUI*

Anywayz, I da-bao my lunch and bought some cut fruits (watermelon + apples) at another stall on my way back to office.

Back in office, I was just about to start on my fruits when, to my dismay, I realised, instead of apples, the fruits auntie gave me honeydew!!! Arghhh!

H-E-L-L-O!!! 苹果 and 蜜瓜 don't sound alike at all lor!!!

What's wrong with people today?!?!?!


Monday, December 19, 2005

Dirty Cruz

The following conversation took place at 11.24pm today.

: 克鲁斯 : says:
i hvnt showered since 6am

::: KiTTY ::: says:

: 克鲁斯 : says:

: 克鲁斯 : says:
i was indoors the entire day. din sweat much mah

::: KiTTY ::: says:

::: KiTTY ::: says:
sibei gross

: 克鲁斯 : says:

::: KiTTY ::: says:
layers of dirt accumulated on ur skin

: 克鲁斯 : says:

CONCLUSION >>> Cruz is a dirty fella! **eeeeeeeeee**

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pre-Christmas Syndrome Part 1

Damn! Why are SO many of my friends going away this Christmas? One is going to Vietnam, another to Hong Kong, another to Bangkok, another to Taiwan, another to China, and the list goes on...

Damn damn damn damn damn......

In the past, I used to be over-booked, having to rush from one venue to another, meeting different groups of people.

This year, looks like it's gonna be a QUIET Christmas.

I hate it. Christmas is my favourite festive season! I CANNOT stay at home! I repeat... I CANNOT STAY AT HOME!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


The Movie...
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Directed By...
Nick Park / Steve Box

Starring (Voice Talents)...
Peter Sallis (Wallace)
Helena Bonham Carter (Lady Tottingham)
Ralph Fiennes (Victor Quartermaine)

The Story...
The cheese-loving Wallace and his ever faithful dog Gromit - the much-loved duo from Aardman's Oscar-winning clay-animated "Wallace and Gromit" shorts - star in an all new comedy adventure, marking their first full-length feature film.

It's 'vege-mania' in Wallace and Gromit's neighbourhood, and our two enterprising chums are chasing in with their humane pest-control outfit, "Anti-Pesto." With only days to go before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, business is booming, but Wallace & Gromit are finding out that running a "humane" pest control outfit has its drawbacks as their west Wallaby Street home fills to the brim with captive rabbits.

Suddenly, a huge, mysterious, veg-ravaging "beast" begins attacking the town's sacred vegetable plots at night, and the competition hostess, Lady Tottington, commissions Anti-Pesto to catch it and save the day. Lying in wait, however, is Lady Tottington's snobby suitor, Victor Quartermaine, who's rather shoot the beast and secure the position of local hero - not to mention Lady Tottington's hand in marriage. With the fate of the competition in the balance, Lady Tottington is eventually forced to allow Victor to hunt down the vegetable chomping marauder. Little does she know that Victor's real intent could have dire consequences for her...and our two heroes.

Official Website:

Some Facts You May Not Know About W&G...

  • 1989: The original W&G titled "A Grand Day Out", in the form of clay-animated short film comedy, was created by Nick Park. It was Park's graduate project when he was a student at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, England. It was nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Animated Short in 1990.
  • 1994: Park's 2nd W&G film, "The Wrong Trousers", won the Academy Award® for Best Animated Short.
  • 1996: Park's 3rd W&G short "A Close Shave" earned him yet another Oscar®.
  • "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is W&G's first full-length feature film, and primarily a 3D animation made up of a combination of computer animation and clay animation.
  • It took 5 years of solid work to complete this 85-minute feature.
  • All characters are molded from a special blend of Plasticine, which is slightly more durable than ordinary Plasticine. However, constant resculpting had to be done.
  • The characters' hair and clothing are molded and hand painted on each individual puppet.
  • You can see the fingerprints. It tells you they are real.They are tangible.
  • Every character had to be duplicated in different poses and in various costumes. E.g. Wallace had 35 versions; Lady Tottington & Victor had over a dozen versions.
  • In addition, there had to be an assortment of interchangeable and replaceable parts for each puppet, ranging from eyes and ears to heads and hands to mouths.
  • A team of 30 animators spent over 2 years to make the puppets "perform", by moving the puppets themselves and capturing into frames.
  • Gromit (the dog) had no mouth. His expressions had to be depended on brows, eyes and body.

$ Worth Spending $...
S$9.50 (Definitely worth the weekend price!)

In Singapore Cinemas...
29 December 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My SuperFriends - The Dinner

Last night - I had dinner with Kelly (yes, Channel U Project Superstar's Kelly Poon), Weixiong (our very own 933 part-time DJ cum SuperHost finalist), Kewei (the vocalist cum erhu player cum Tango dancer at the recent David Tao's Singapore concert), together with the bunch of our common friends.

Kelly has already started recording her album and it should be out in January 2006 (if all goes well, that is). So all those who've been waiting till their necks have grown longer, just hang on there for a while more!

Weixiong has been very busy with SuperHost preparations, having to be at MediaCorp almost everyday that kinda stuff. Btw, who watched the opening dance (by all 16 finalists) on Tuesday? We kept teasing Weixiong that his dancing was "superb" and that it was one of a kind! Hahaha... well, Weixiong isn't exactly the hip-hop kinda person. But let's still give him a pat on the back for his efforts and diligent practises. Hahaha... (I can't help but laugh again, at the thought of him dancing.)

The first females' round just ended on Tuesday. Next week, it'll be the males' first round. Yes, harsh reality (or some may call it pure cruelty) has sunk in. Everyone's on the tip of their toes, and watching their own backs.


Having ended his Love Can World Tour 2005 in Singapore last Saturday (26/11/05), David Tao has departed Singapore. Singapore's the 3rd Asian stop, after Shanghai and Beijing. His next destination will be Taipei in January. If you didn't manage to catch his concert, all I can say is... what a pity!! It was SUPERB! Much better than his 2003 concert. This time round, he was in tip top form, hence was able to deliver his singing very well!

My seat was GREAT! My view was GREAT! (Thanks Kewei, for choosing the seats!)

What was extra special about this concert was that my friend, Kewei, was part of the concert, taking on the roles of David Tao's vocalist AND erhu player AND Tango dance partner. Overall, Kewei played David's "love interest" throughout the concert.

The feeling of seeing my idol and my friend performing together on stage was beyond what words could describe. I was so high that night! I'm exhilarated for Kewei. It's her dream come true. Imagine, being able to travel with David Tao and Kheng Long (the concert's music director) and the entire band (who are all extremely talented people) all over Asia! After Taipei, they'll be heading for Hong Kong, Malaysia and even the States, I heard.

Oh wellz, what else can I say except that I have SuperFriends!


Monday, November 14, 2005

This Rush...

I cannot contain my excitement. About tonight. Not because I’m going to the Gala Premiere of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

In fact, I’ve been feeling excited the past week. Some events have made me look forward to attending them. I can’t say in details. For there are certain few individuals who may read this blog and who will know what I’m talking about. They can’t know..... as yet.

It’s been a while since I felt this rush of thrill. I simply have to get it out... somewhere... somehow...

And hence this post.

Thursday, November 03, 2005




Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Steff said I have commitment phobia... I think think think think think... I think it's kinda true...


Monday, October 31, 2005

Guilty Of Not Blogging

I'm guilty. Guilty of being too lazy to update my blog regularly. And letting those, who constantly check out this site, down.

What's the real deal with blogging anyway? Why do people blog? To inform others about your everyday life? Even to strangers? Why would random bloggers who chance upon your site be interested to know?

My command of English is not superb. I'm not funny with words. I don't have that exciting a life. I don't have freebies to giveaway online. What reason/s do I have, to blog?

I'm becoming cynical.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Movie: The Myth 神話

The Movie...
The Myth 神話

Directed By...
Stanley Tong 唐季禮

Jackie Chan 成龍 (HK)
Kim Hee Sun 金喜善 (Korea)
Tony Leung Ka Fai 梁家輝 (HK)
Mallika Sherawat (India)

Look Out For...
** Jackie's transition between present and ancient times.
** Jackie's super cool luxury boat-house (with mini golf course!).
** Korean top beauty Kim Hee Sun's porcelain/snow-like skin.
** Cheesy-looking branding of "EMPEROR" (producer of this movie) in the ending scene as the camera slowly zooms out
** Indian sexy bomb Mallika Sherawat's MELON-SIZED BOOBS!

$ Worth Spending $...
S$9.50 for movie ticket

In Singapore Cinemas...
23 September 2005

My Thoughts After Watching...
An interesting combination, I find... to pair Jackie Chan with Kim Hee Sun. It's a case of yellowish-wrinkled-skin versus snowy-fair-almost-flawless-supple-looking-skin. A refreshing story, about a modern-day archaeologist who often dreams about himself as an ancient warrior in Qin dynasty, protecting a princess (whom he later falls in love with) betrothed to Emperor Qin. Transitions between modern and ancient times are smoothly and smartly done. First 2/3 of the movie keeps me wanting more, until towards the end, the part where a horde of people (good guys and baddies) starts flying around in the air. Somewhat cheesy, but acceptable. During one of the fighting scenes, a colleague commented that Jackie's movements seemed less swift now. Perhaps age is really catching up.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Movie: Brothers Grimm

The Movie...
Brothers Grimm

Directed By...
Terry Gilliam

Matt Damon
Heath Ledger
Lena Headey
Jonathan Pryce
Peter Stormare
Monica Bellucci

Look Out For...
** Little Red Riding Hood
** Gingerbread Man
** Rapunzel
** Hansel & Gretel
** Grandmother Toad (kissed by Matt Damon)
** Old lady selling a red apple
** The reawakening kiss from "Prince" to "Snow White"
** The ever-so-familiar line, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
*** Evil queen's deep cleavage!!!

$ Worth Spending $...
Not more than S$8.50 (meaning avoid weekend pricing)

In Singapore Cinemas...
End September / Early October 2005

My Thoughts After Watching...
Heath Ledger is such a cutie and hotie!!! *AHEM* Ok seriously... I carried high hopes prior to the movie screening, but left the theatre hall feeling somewhat unfulfilled. A big production it sure is - with Hollywood's A-list actors as leads, and a whole lot of computer graphics and special effects to make up the enchanted forest. However, at some points, I kinda got bored and almost fell asleep, especially the French-speaking-in-horrible-French-accented-English chunks. Without any aiding subtitles, I could hardly understand those conversations! But all's not lost. It's still a watchable movie because the story weaves in a number of familiar fairytales that you and I grew up with. My favourite is the Gingerbread Man part, although that scene doesn't make much sense... Haha...

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Answer... and The Maid 女傭

CORRECT~!!! The answer's "RAINTREE"~!!!

Haha... apologies for the awfully long wait... Has your neck turned long yet~? And your coming back to this page is very much appreciated~!

You must be wondering why on earth did I give such a dumb question with a dumb answer... Well, I've recently left my previous entertainment-related company FLY Entertainment to join yet another media-related company MediaCorp Raintree Pictures. Yes we produce and distribute movies.

To my fans out there (if I have any, that is.. haha~)... not to worry, I am still hosting on Y.E.S 933 on weekends.

Since my first day at Raintree Pictures 2 months ago, I've been busy. My first movie project was Seven Swords 七劍. Followed by The Maid 女傭.

I bet many of you are familiar with The Maid 女傭 from these publicity stunts:
  • Eerie sounding movie trailers that are seen so very often on Channel U and TV Mobile (apparently, it scared the hell outta kids, I heard)
  • Mannequin dressed in red Chinese traditional wedding costume (Plaza Singapura Level 7)
  • Life-sized sticker decals in the toilets (Plaza Singapura Level 7)
  • Wedding procession (bride in red Chinese traditional wedding costume and red veil + 2 male servants carrying big paper lanterns) along Orchard Road
  • Free screening of The Maid 女傭 for maids in Singapore, at Shaw Beach Road

To be honest, we've received complaints, especially about the toilet sticker decals. For all I know, you may be one of the people who had been cursing and swearing. But hey, at least we've been successful in one thing, that is to raise awareness of the movie amongst the general public! Any kind of publicity is good publicity.

But more importantly, the movie has become one of the most successful Raintree movies ever. Since its release on 18 August 2005, it's hit a high of S$2mil in Singapore box office and is the most watched movie for three weeks in a row! Not to mention, it's broken horror movie opening week records in Singapore box office, beating The Eye 2, Sixth Sense, Ju-On, Shutter, The Ring, etc.

The latest breaking news is that, international sales house Fortissimo has picked up world sales rights for The Maid 女傭, and will be released in American Film Market this November, afterwhich it will be shown on screens internationally~! Even Brad Pitt has expressed interest in remaking this movie. This is certainly a FIRST for a Singapore film~!

So, have you watched The Maid 女傭 yet~?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Question of The Tree

Question Of The Day:

What do you call a RAIN-ing TREE~???

(Stay tuned for the answer.)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Missing 7-11 Hello Kitty Magnets

Months later, I realised I still have yet to complete my 7-11 Hello Kitty magnet collection. It's so exasperating!

Hmmm... I wonder if there are any philanthropists out there... who happen to have extra magnets... and are kind enough to donate to me? Tsk tsk~

The missing years:

  • 1974
  • 1976
  • 1979
  • 1980
  • 1996

Please mail to:

Y.E.S. 933 FM
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

Your generosity will be greater-than-greatly appreciated! Maybe I can credit mention on-air? Har har~

Wait a minute! Did I hear someone say shameless? Thick-skinned?

Oh well.....

Sunday, May 15, 2005

男人 vs 女人﹖






Saturday, May 14, 2005

DK & Visor

A Little Something To Think About -- Why is Dasmond Koh ALWAYS wearing a visor everytime I see him?!?!

Friday, April 15, 2005

LKY's Tears

August 09, 1965 -- The day when Singapore gained independence. We broke away from Malaysia and became a Republican island. Kudos to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for his magical foresight.

But, why did Mr K.Y. Lee cry that fateful day? Were they tears of joy... or tears of sadness?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Discoveries made in Batam

April 09, 2005 (Saturday, Sunny) -- Was in Batam today for 7 hours. It almost didn't feel like I was away in another country! The ferry ride was under an hour!

3 things I discovered during my short stay there:

  1. Batam is able to receive ONE and only one Singapore radio station... and believe it or not... it's Dong Li 88.3! Loud and clear! Boy, am I impressed or what?!
  2. The local housing structures reminded me of Lego - colourful! Very cartoony. Cute!
  3. Batam Mall, the supposedly largest shopping mall, is smaller than Mustafa Centre!

What would life of a shopaholic like me be if I were to stay there long-term?