Monday, November 05, 2007

Cheap Des


I hereby announce that Xin and I are severing all ties with you!!! Do you realise you're one serious case of "heavy colour light friend" (read: 重色轻友) friend?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Everytime you enter a relationship, she is ALL you can see. The world just revolves around you and her. The word "friend" suddenly disappears from your dictionary.

You promised to meet up last Saturday before flying back to Melbourne. Xin was so excited on her debut trip to JB, after hearing us talk about the cheap and good food & shopping there.

But WHERE WERE YOU??????????????????????????????????????????????????
(Only God knows.)

You were uncontactable, AGAIN. Very disappointed.

Don't get us wrong. Olivia's a lovely girl. We love her. You two seem so in love. We're very happy for you both.

But pls pls pls pls pls...... learn to juggle both girlfriend and friends equally.

Otherwise, it won't be long before you realise you have not many numbers left in your phone book.

We want the old Des back!

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At a winery in Melbourne, April '07

To all my other friends, pls DON'T EVER (I repeat... NEVER EVER...!!!) do this to me. It's unbearable. I've lost a couple of friends to relationships. One of whom is my bestest friend since poly.

Ever since she got attached (which was over 2 years ago), I've not seen her more than 5 times. This pales largely in comparison to our meetup frequency of once a week in the past.

Sigh...... Maybe it's time to make new friends......


Xin said...

Xin concurs with the severance!!!!

What he did was plainly unacceptable and downright could he crash the one-day crab-eating & bargain-hunting dream of two girls?

hope u get the message des, if u can be bothered to get to a computer...

. : : Juan Juan : : . said...

u still have me kitty.. =)

geek said...

i know what u mean.

it's very frustating, as much as they all like to deny, it's the truth.

but oh well, i'll live with it and move on lor.

if not, let's all go out together!

btw. i notice u put jas choo - my best bud cum talking trash can. people got @, i got cum. hmm. ok fine.

K i t t y said...

@ = at

"my best bud at talking trash can" doesn't make sense.