Thursday, November 01, 2007

Power Puffies

September 19, 2007 --- My first day in the Big Red Corporation, which, once upon a time, was a Monopoly.

November 01, 2007 --- My 45th day in the Big Red Corporation (also translating into 1.5 months of stay), whose current biggest competitor is the Big Green Firm.

Ok fine, so 75% of the Events Marketing Team is new. It doesn't mean we can be trampled over by other departments who think "they know everything simply because they've been around longer".

It doesn't mean we have to bear the consequences from mishaps that occurred during the transition period.

Because 75% of the team is new, all the more is a good opportunity for us to relook into the old system and make adjustments to make our operations more efficient and budget-sensitive, at the same time, keeping the effective modus operandi passed on by the predecessors.

The Events Marketing Team is now made up of 4 Power Puffies (short for Power Puff Girls). We came from different backgrounds. Before September 19, all of us didn't know the existence of one another. Today, we have built a good rapport. Our working styles, though different, surprisingly are able to complement.

We will fight all enemies who try to invade our castle.


seamonkey SY said...

me me me!!!

Keishi said...

All the best in the war!!!!!!